March 1, 2011
road | touring

As many miles of blacktop as we have here, finding a ride isn't a challenge. And, considering the quality of the pavement (generally very good) and relatively low traffic, it's not too difficult to pick a ride route that you'd want to do again and again. We've listed a few of our favorites here and will post more from time to time. The options are, of course, limitless, so consider these a starting point if you don't know where to begin or if you're looking for new options.
The maps provided above are, to say the least, minimalistic. If you're at all familiar with the area, they should be enough to get you through a ride. If you'd like a more detailed description, the description of each of the rides listed above includes a link to a detailed route at mapmyride.com

Some rides are better suited to certain weather conditions than others. Ride #1, from Houghton to Tapiola is a great early season ride, as it keeps you safely out Lake Superior's icy winds. And, ride it on a day with a screaming south wind, you'll be in the big ring all the way home (after having paid for the pleasure with a painful first hour).

Unless it's a dead-calm day, any ride on the Keweenaw Peninsula is a game of Russian roulette when it comes to wind. No matter in which direction your ride starts, the wind will change directions to meet you head-on. Sure, all roadies say that. But it's pretty much a sure think in the Keweenaw. Ride #2 is a chronic offender (but still one of our favorites). The ridge lines, shorelines and Portage Lake Canal reap havoc with the wind. After a few rides, you'll know when to expect the headwind you've been battling for the past 45 minutes to unexpectedly start pushing you from behind. Or vice versa. At least you'll think you will. Death, taxes and a strong headwind are the three certainties of life in the Keweenaw

If there's a particular ride you'd like to see posted here, send us the route, and we'll work on adding it to the list.