Road: News

March 1, 2011

Back before mountain bikes became king, roving packs of roadies would cruise the highways and backroads of the Keweenaw. Our numbers may have thinned, but those on skinny tires still appreciate the area's varied terrain, outstanding scenery, (generally) great pavement and (relatively) low traffic. With well over 500 miles of pavement between Houghton and Keweenaw counties, there are plenty of options. And nearly all of it is worth riding. At least once. If time isn't a constraint, tackle it all. If you'll only be in the area for a short while, we've compiled a few ride suggestions as a starting point. We've also put together a few interactive maps with additional information on the area, such as beaches, waterfalls and bike shops.

We make no claim for completeness or correctness, though we've tried our best (and welcome corrections and additions). Likewise, we're not striving to be an all-encompassing travel site for the Keweenaw – just trying to put as much cycling-related info out there as we can.

In short, the maps and other information focus on what we would want to know if we were coming to the Keweenaw to ride the roads, including where the heavy traffic is, where the climbs (or flats) are, and what's worth seeing. If we're missing something, let us know and we'll work on adding it.