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What's Happening in the Keweenaw

Updated: March 1, 2011

OK, so the riding is pretty good in the Keweenaw, but what else is going on here, you wonder? In spite of being miles and miles from just about anywhere (not a bad thing), the area has an – if not dazzling – at least vibrant night life. Stellar restaurants, microbreweries, bars and cafes dot the peninsula from top to bottom. The historic Calumet Theater, Michigan Tech and several music festivals ensure a steady flow of top-notch acts to the area year round. That's in addition, of course, to a flourishing local music scene, with tunes to suit just about every taste. If you're more interested in creating your own good time, there's no shortage of desolate beaches and seldom-visited summits.

We'll do our best to provide an overview of local eateries and bars, particularly those frequented by cyclists. And we'll try to stay up to date with local events as best we can. We're trying to stay focused on cycling though, so feel free to submit reviews of restaurants or bars we may have neglected or any upcoming events. Consider this a good jumping-off point: there are others more connected to the social scene than we are, so we'll point you in their direction wherever possible.