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September 15, 2013
- Anderson Claims Ronde van Skandia

June 18, 2013
- Matter Takes Chain Drive

May 20, 2013
- 2013 Ride the Keweenaw

May 14, 2013
- 2013 La Fleche du Nord in the Books

March 15, 2013
- GBC Snow Bike Race Contested

Feb. 12, 2013
- Gauthier, Abbott Win Winter Ronde

Upcoming Events

August 16, 2014
Great Deer Chase

Aug 30 & 31
Bell's Beer CH Trail Fest.

Great Deer Chase: August 16

Author: from the Great Deer Chase website
August 11, 2014
mountain | race

The Aspirus Keweenaw Great Deer Chase offers a 28 mile and 15 mile primarily single track experience through the Swedetown Trail System starting and ending at the historic copper boom town of Calumet on the Keweenaw Peninsula. The Keweenaw, a land mass jutting up into the heart of Lake Superior, is home to the Keweenaw National Historic Park . Both races, although different in design, offer something for everyone including youth events.

Visit the Great Deer Chase facebook page and website for for details and the latest event information.

Miner's Revenge: July 12

Author: from the Miner's Revenge website
July 07, 2014
mountain | race

The Miners Revenge takes you deep into the mountain and through the pits of ancient miners who spent their lives chasing the red metal. Some say the men who died still live in the mine protecting their claim, we can’t say that’s true but we can say that anything can happen when you are 300 feet below the surface and there’s nobody to hear you scream.

Miners Revenge, they were chasing a dream of riches in the form of silver and copper, you are being chased, and we have just one question, who's afraid of the dark?

Visit the Miner's Revenge facebook page and website for for details and the latest event information.

Ride the Keweenaw: May 23-25

Author: btk
May 16, 2014
mountain | race

The snow is on the way out, hopefully for good this time. Organizers are optimistic that snow will have disappeared and that the trails will be dry and rideable by Memorial Day weekend.

Rides are once again planned from one end of the Keweenaw to the other, beginning Friday, May 23 at the Adventure Mine trails in Greenland and concluding with an enduro and downhill races and party in Copper Harbor on Sunday. Saturday, guided rides are scheduled on the Michigan Tech Trails in Houghton, Churning Rapids in Hancock and Swedetown Trails in Calumet.

No charge for group rides, entry fees for the enduro and downhill races as well as for the Sunday evening party.

Visit the Ride the Keweenaw facebook page for details and the latest event information.

La Flèche du Nord on for May 10, 2014

Author: btk
March 22, 2014
road | race

The fourth annual La Flèche du Nord, an informal but high-paced training ride in the tradition of the Belgian spring classics, is scheduled for May 10, 2014. Starting in Houghton and finishing on top of Brockway Mountain, the 75-mile route will take riders over some of the toughest terrain the Keweenaw has to offer. A ride unlike any other, La Flèche features numerous sections of dirt that account for approximately 30 miles of the total distance and will give riders the opportunity to see the Keweenaw from an entirely new perspective. Though not a race, the event will be anything but a leisurely tour to the top of the peninsula.

In the 2013 edition of the event, the gravel sections of the route not covered by two feet of snow were found to be rideable on standard (22-25c) road tires. A few flats did occur, so riders are advised to be prepared and carry a tube (or two) and a pump. For gearing, 39x25 (minimum) or a compact or triple crank are advised for those not wanting to walk the 20% pitches that await riders on Brockway Mountain and several other short, steep sections.

The course will be marked, and riders will be given a cue sheet and map at the start. As of late March, the Keweenaw is buried under four feet of snow. A decision on the course will not be made unti late April or early May depending on temperatures and snowmelt. If the dirt roads on northfacing slopes are still snowcovered, the course may be routed over the south Keweenaw.

A post-ride fest is planned in Copper Harbor; orgainzers are working out the details.

As this is a one way ride, riders will be responsible for organizing return transport from Copper Harbor to Houghton.

No entry fee, no support, no feed zones, no aid stations, no prizes, no glory. Just old-fashioned pain and suffering. Because the course may use low-traffic or closed sections of road, riders are advised to plan for all eventualities. Spare tubes and a pump are required.

May 10, 2014
9:00a.m.: Rider sign-in at The Bike Shop of Houghton
10:00a.m.: Unofficial start (rollout through Houghton and Hancock)
11:00a.m.: Clothes drop and official start at top of Fisherman Road (near Calumet)
3:00p.m.: First riders expected on Brockway Mountain

Photo: Adam Griffis

Cyclocross Action Returns to Copper Harbor

Author: btk
September 29, 2013
race | cyclocross

Fast-paced cyclocross action returns to the Keweenaw October 19&20. The sixth annual Keweenaw Cup, organized by Houghton's Red Jacket Cycling Team with support from the Copper Harbor Trails Club, will see as many as 100 racers lining up for two days of racing: Saturday, Oct. 19, in the Downtown Hoedown in downtown Copper Harbor, and Sunday, Oct. 20, in the Top of the World Smackdown at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge in Copper Harbor. Weekend champions in each of five classes will be awarded the illustrious Keweenaw Cup.

The races are open to everyone of all ages and all abilities on any kind of bike. No experience required! Typically 30 minutes to one hour in duration, cyclocross events are timed races held on short courses (1 – 1.5 miles) and feature surfaces ranging from pavement and dirt roads to singletrack and grass. Obstacles, which include everything from wooden barriers, logs, sand pits, mud bogs, and unrideable hills, add to the challenge — and make mounting and dismounting an integral part of the race. Scheduled for mid-October, anything is possible in the Keweenaw with respect to the weather — and the race will go on regardless of what it decides to do.

Though cyclocross races are typically contested on what are essentially modified road bikes with knobby tires and cantilever brakes, any type of bike will work and is welcome. In fact, given the torturous terrain found on the Keweenaw, mountain bikes have proven to be the bike of choice among many racers.

Though it may sound intimidating to the uninitiated, the festival-like atmosphere that surrounds every cyclocross race — with clamoring cowbells and cheering spectators — make it a unique sporting event and, for many, the highlight of the cycling season. The short courses ensure that there are nearly always racers in sight for spectators, and that the cyclists are never out of earshot of an encouraging word.

The $20 entry fee for Saturday's afternoon race includes a pasta dinner at the Mariner North and music to follow at Zik's by Frank and da Beans. Dinner tickets will be available at the Mariner North on Saturday for non-racers. Entry for Sunday's race is $10.

Proceeds from the weekend's events will benefit the Copper Harbor Trails Club.

The Keweenaw Cup will mark the fourth weekend of racing in this year's UPCROSS Points Series, a 7-race series of cyclocross events organized by Marquette's KMK Cycling Club and the Copper Country's Red Jacket Cycling Team and the Range Mountain Bike Club of Ishpeming. The series attracts racers each week from across Michigan, Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota from late September through mid-November.

Further details on the Keweenaw Cup at
Further details on the UPCROSS points series at
Questions? E-mail Chris Schmidt –

Copper Country Color Tour!

Sept. 6, 2012

Well into its fourth decade, the Copper Country Cycling Tour is an institution. Rides of 50k, 100k and 200k showcase some of the Kewenaw's finest scenery. And, if Mother Nature plays along, some of the best fall colors anywhere. Details on the C4 site.

The Keweenaw?

March 1, 2011

A lonely peninsula jutting into Lake Superior at the northern tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Keweenaw isn't a place one passes through by accident. You need to want to come here. And if you ride a bike – road or mountain – this is a place worth wanting to get to. Hundreds of miles of low-traffic roads, six top-notch mtb trail systems, endless water and temperate climes, it's worth discovering if you haven't already checked it out.